Hi I'm Malinda!



Coffee Lover


A little over two years ago I was lost. Like many times we all lose ourselves in life and I had no idea where my life was going or what to do next. I was a new mother, a college student, and completely unsure of everything I ever thought I knew. While my passions and career goals changed continuously over the course of the next few years, one thing remained, my creative curiosity. 

I originally picked up a professional camera for the first time to capture the precious moments of having a child. But over time as my daughter grew, my creativity and curiosity grew with her, sparking a passion I never knew existed. I loved having the ability to capture precious moments otherwise lost in a distant memory.

When I tried to obtain professional family pictures for myself, the price tag absolutely astounded me. Between the down payment, the session, the prints and all hidden costs in-between, I would have to spend $400 for 15 pictures....and I paid it. 

After that I realized that there has to be something else. There has to be affordable photographers with a professional background that can help the average family obtain pictures of their lives without costing them an entire weeks worth of work. 

So I did my research, I learned, I watched, I used my talents, I tapped into my marketing background and I started Natural You Photography. 


With two degrees, countless workshops attended, books read, a portfolio built and a whole lot of faith.....Natural You came to life.

I started this as a way to make other's dreams a reality, and I want to help yours come true too. 


My Mission

To produce amazing pictures that capture all of life's beautiful moments, at an affordable price. 

How is it that in 2 short days we will have a 2 year old!! 😧😭💗

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